A blog dedicated to what you love about your significant other.
Of course they don't have to be a significant other in order for you to love them.
I'm also open to:
-love advice giving
-sex questions
-whatever you like
note: If you're going to submit anything it might not be 100% what you submitted. Also, it would be helpful if you told me what color you want your submission to be.
Ask any questions at any time <3

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I have a little free time at the moment :D

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If you could send in your submissions so  I have something to do when I get back that would be great! :D <3



Thank you for everything!!!! :D

This has nothing to do with what my tumblr is about, but I just have to pay my respects <3

Steve Jobs was such a brilliant man and he seriously changed the world. I only own three apple products, my iPod Nano, iTouch and Macbook Pro but they are the best technology items I have ever owned. My iTouch has never failed me and neither has my Macbook. My Macbook is such a convenience with it’s greatness and allowing to get through school and with homework. 

I just can not even imagine what technology would be like with out him. He made my love for music so easy to take with me every where and it’s so great <3

send in your submissions <3


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